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Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE) help families?

PCE is child and family-centered.  The strengths, needs and preferences of the child and family determine the types and mix of services provided or created.  You, your child and family choose the services that meet your needs.

PCE believes getting service from your own neighborhood and community is best. Often the services and resources you need can be found in your own family, through relatives, friends, and neighbors. It is our goal to help families build on their own strengths and those of their communities, and become and remain independent beyond their time with PCE.

PCE is culturally sensitive. We work with agencies, programs and services that are responsive to the culture and ethnicity of the populations they serve and the communities they live in.

PCE uses a “Team” approach. The team members are the people most important to your family. The team meets to form an Individual Service Plan for the child and family.


How Do Teams help?

Your Child and Family Team will include various people who work with you in making the best plan for your child’s care.  The Team may include professionals, such as a school social worker, a teacher, a DYFS worker, therapist or a probation officer.




Your Care Manager will ask you to choose other people for your Team that are important to you and your child, such as relatives, friends or neighbors. Together, you and the Team will create an Individual Service Plan that is best for your family. An Individual Service Plan puts into writing what every Team Member will do to help your family. The Plan will include your family strengths and needs as well as services to help you meet those needs. Your first Plan will be made within the first thirty days that you are involved with PCE. Thereafter, the Plan will be reviewed and updated at least every three months. The Care Manager will facilitate the Child and Family Team meetings. The Plan the Team creates will include the services that you have chosen for your family. The Plan will have things you and your family can do to handle serious conflict or crisis. Please ask your Care Manager any questions you may have about your Individual Service Plan.


What is a Care Manager?

The Care Manager is the person who will help you to identify your family and child’s strengths and needs. You will give the Care Manager information on your child and your past attempts to resolve your family’s problems. The Care Manager will help you put together your Child and Family Team. Then, they will put the Plan made by you and your Team into action. The Care Manager will continue to work closely with you to see how you are doing on the goals set in the Individual Service Plan. Changes to the Plan can be made as needed. Your Care Manager will help you get what you need for your child and family.

With the support of PCE many families can do what is needed for their own children. Our goal is to help families successfully manage their day-to-day lives while dealing with problems. Our main job is to help you and your family get the services you need now then to help you plan for services in the future.


What resources are available?  

PCE works to adapt and/or develop resources to meet goals created by the Child and Family Team. If the resources you need don’t exist, the Care Manager can work with the PCE Community Resource staff to find or create them. If your child needs out-of-home treatment, we will make the arrangements and stay involved for as long as it takes the Team to return your child to the community.


What are Behavioral Assistance and Intensive In-Community Services?

Behavioral Assistance and Intensive In-Community Services are services that are offered to many of the children served by PCE.  These services are similar in some ways to traditional counseling services.  However, they are community based and are brought to the child, rather than the child having to be brought to the service.  They are designed to help the child and family improve the child's overall emotional and behavioral functioning.  The Division of Child Behavioral Health Services offers the following definitions at the links below:

          Behavioral Assistance  

          Intensive In-Community Services


How are services paid for?

Your Care Manager will coordinate payment for all services you receive. The services of your Care Manager and PCE are subsidized by the State of New Jersey.


How do I handle a crisis?

You and your Team will create a Crisis Plan within the Individual Service Plan. The Crisis Plan will help you and all those involved with your child to know what to do if there is a crisis. There will be an on-call Care Manager you can contact at nights and on weekends.


Is this confidential?

The release that you signed when your child was referred to PCE allows us to share information or get information from past providers that have helped your family. Information about your child and family is always confidential. The only exceptions are if your child may harm himself or herself or others, or if abuse is suspected.

Our goal is for family members, including your child, to be involved in all steps of working with PCE, so you will have a say in what information is shared.


What family support is offered?

Family support is a very important part of what is available to you. Family Peer Partners are family members who provide support and help to the families in PCE. The help they can offer you may include things like participating on the Child and Family Team or taking part in other meetings with your family and your Care Manager. You may also want a Family Partner to help you get what you need by suggesting resources in your community. Or, you may simply want another parent you may want to talk to. A Family Partner will call you to see how they can assist you.


What if I have a complaint?

PCE is committed to making sure that your family receives the best care possible. If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving, we ask that you follow these steps:

1. Try to let your Care Manager know what you are dissatisfied with so that he or she can try to help you work it out.           

2. If you are not comfortable telling your Care Manager about your complaint, you may call a Family Peer Partner or the Care Manager Supervisor to assist you in addressing your concern. If you do not know the name or telephone number of your Care Manager Supervisor, call 973-323-3000.

3. If you are not satisfied with the help you received from your Care Manager, the Family Peer Partner or the Care Manager Supervisor, and continue to have a complaint about our services, you can contact the Executive Director.  The Executive Director, Jeffrey Guenzel, LPC, can be reached at 973-323-3000 ext. 104.

4. You may submit your complaint in writing to:


Victor Alvarez 

Executive Director

Partnership for Children of Essex

100 Executive Dr. Suite 130

West Orange, NJ 07052

973-323-3000 Ext. 1012

Fax: 973-323-3015