Partnership for Children of Essex
Friday, February 22, 2019
A Pathway for Hope

Service Provider Zone

Dear Service Provider,
Thank you for partnering with us and becoming an essential addition to our provider network.  The Partnership for Children of Essex (PCE) relies on professionals like you to assist us with carrying out the mission of our agency. Our collaboration throughout the years has resulted in countless children and families improving their lives and becoming healthier individuals.
Below you will find our most updated version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for Partnership for Children of Essex. The MOU along with the cover sheet and supporting documents must be completed and returned to the Director of Community Resource Development, Erika Rowe. In return, a fully executed copy will be returned to you for your records.
It is pertinent that all supporting documents be kept up to date and on file within both the Community Resource and Business Departments here at PCE. Please be mindful that failure to adhere to the guidelines within the MOU and BAA could unfortunately result in non-payment, termination and/or the inability to refer to your services.
In addition to the MOU, this page contains a link to a Memorandum to Service Providers regarding Compliance with Section 6032 of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act, a link to PCE's Federal Deficit Reduction Act Policy and a link to a Newsletter on Background Checks Requirements.  We ask that all service providers, particularly those that provide Medicaid reimbursable services, to review all the documents noted in this correspondence.  The links below will provide access to all the documents referenced.  PCE expects that all of our service providers abide by all Federal and State regulations and comply with Section 6032 policies found below.   
Thank you again for your dedication to this work and for partnering with us to help children and families improve their quality of life.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, Erika Rowe, Director of Community Resource Development at (973) 323-3000 ext 1009.
Victor Alvarez, LCSW
Executive Director